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Gary Park



In the years since I retired early in the 1990’s from a career in public affairs and city school administration, I have worked in found objects sculpture, wood assemblage in 2 and 3 dimensions, and printmaking. One medium has led to another. For the last year, I have been teaching myself to paint in acrylics by copying and mimicing painters I like.  I am motivated by the need to know the way things are and the need to make something beautiful. I am inspired by my creative parents and children. I have seen the powerful body of work that Jasper Johns completed in his Eighties.  I will be 79 on April Fool’s Day in 2023. I expect that this growing community of studio artists will be a good place to learn.

Influences include: the quiltmakers of Gee”s Bend; my fear of drawing; Georgia Okeefe’s ideas about the merits of abstraction;;contemporary Coastal Salish printmakers; Constructivist painters,Louise Nevelson; Wallace Stevens; Gabriel Garcia Marquez; Heraclitus and Lao Tsu.

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