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SSAA Brochure and Map 

Please complete the form with the spelling, caps, etc, exactly as you would like your listing to look. 

Listing Information

Your Information

Address Listing 


Please pay with a check written out to SSAA & send to PakMail/ 5824 Bee Ridge Rd/ Sarasota/34233. Please include a note with your email address if you would like a receipt. 


$50- Individual artist studio listing
   Includes artist name, studio address, one of the following contacts       (website/phone/email)- 3 lines total


$125- Studio Collectives (>2 artists) price per address
   Includes Collective name, address, one of the following contacts       (website/phone/email), list of artists in the collective. If an individual artist in a collective would like a separate listing, they can sign up as "Individual Artist" for $50.

$175 -Art Gallery (any gallery that does not have a working artist studio)
   Includes gallery name, address, one of the following contacts (website/phone/email) -3 lines total

This form will not provide a confirmation. When I receive your check, I will confirm that I have your information.

Thank you for supporting the Sarasota art community- together we are better!!

Jen Palmer

SSAA Founder

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